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What liberating knowledge. Give me liberty or give me death.

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air travelhas become the new bus travel, they have made it as horrible as possible to where people would rather just rent a damn car and drive then board a plane and get frisked, cornholed, nuked and then get your pocket cleaned out by tacked on fees.Who cares to put up with this crap anymore? So much for the jetset lifestyle.

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Jennifer and Traci, thanks for the motivating article. Tracie, it’s great to see that you dabble into all aspects of biking and remind readers that its not only for fitness but to remember its playful and its fun! On an off note, I have been looking for some clear lens women’s sport glasses to use on low light days and noticed that Tracie is rocking some pretty rad ones. I’m wondering someone can find out the brand of her specs and share the love. ThanksLindsey

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GDL,Any ‘Christian’ that supports the anti-Christ, murderous Zionist entity currently occupying & ethnically cleansing Palestine – IS *OBVIOUSLY* NOT a real Christian!Period.And ‘Judeo-Christianity’ is a glaring oxymoron. The ‘Judeo’ is entirely antithetical to the Christian.Exclamation point!†IC XC††NI KAâ€

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Normally I'm against killing but this article slaughtered my ignorance.

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I only wish someone would explain *why* they chose the cummerbund. Highly-tuned fashion sensibilities? Or does it have elastic properties that would make a good slingshot?

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