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Fr, 26 Mai 2017 16:32:07 +0000
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Papa got a very bad edit during her stint on The Bachelor with Jake Pavelka “On The Wings of Love”, where claims were made that she and a producer had a shocking

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Review by E. browder for Rating: We had other lights but these are the best. They are dim until activated by motion – then they are powerful. An unexpected bonus is insects are not attracted to them (I quess it’s because of the halogen.

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Fr, 26 Mai 2017 13:06:55 +0000
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If you go with thumbs up/thumbs down, I would urge you to "normalize" the results by dividing it by traffic (ie views).If something has 100 thumbs up, is that good or bad? If that's your only information, it's impossible to say. If the video's only been viewed a couple hundred times, that's pretty stellar, but if it's been viewed a million times, 100 thumbs up is a big yawn.Another way of putting it, is that the number of people who did NOTHING is equally as important as the number of people who made the effort to rate it.Likes / Views will give you a nice "% of people who like this" metric.

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Fr, 26 Mai 2017 12:29:41 +0000
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Hi Guys,I’m the CEO of Domain Advertising. To answer the questions about the feed it is Yahoo, and as a Directi company we have the best revenue share they offer to anyone. We are effectively a skunk works innovation company where all of the maintenance is handled by Directi.We have all the advantages – with no disadvantages. All of my staff are in India, and we have around 10,000 innovation development hours applied each month. Literally an army of people.I ran Fabulous.com before this. Expect the same quality at a much more accelerated rate of progress. Cheers,Dan WarnerCEODomainAdvertising.com

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Absolutely works to write things down. I like the idea of daydreaming about twenty wishes.I'm going to have to look for this nonfiction book by Macomber - that sounds fascinating! I had no idea she'd written for so long before being published.

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