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30/11/2010 - 3:56pm- Yo también me di una vuelta por la prensa deportiva más conocida y no vi ninguna referencia al arbitraje, cosa que aquí algunos se empeñan en destacar. Hay que decir que Mou, siendo como es, no buscó ninguna excusa y no dijo nada fuera de lugar.

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BluTopaz,us white folks heard of MalcolmX as a flamethrowing anarchist dangerous black guy... in school.I've been meaning to watch that Malcolm X flick, when I get the chance, simply because all of YOU, HERE, speak so highly of the chap.But it shouldn't surprise you that nobody speaks highly of it, when we get all that jazz shoved down our throat at school.And i Totally Want to see a group of black women training a lil' white girl to infiltrate the system! That would be rad! (umm. that slang is so past it's expiration date. my apologizes)

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In Florida the Bar is overseen by the Florida Supreme Court. Not a state agency. The Bar can’t sanction elected State Attorney’s. But in this case Corey is appointed and she can be held to account as the “Appointed Special Prosecutor.” I think the Bum’s Rush given to Lester by the Fifth Circuit was a shot across Corey’s ample, not to mention her stern.

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