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So, 30 April 2017 05:48:48 +0000
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claudiaSeptember 8, 2010Muy buen aporte , ejecute el comando pero automaticamente me salta el mensaje.. PARA INSTALAR Y CONFIGURAR LOS COMPONENTES DEL SISTEMA UTILICE EL PANEL DE CONTROL ,, siempre me salta el mensaje enseguida que ejecuto el comando por favor espero que puedas ayudarme GRACIAS

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So, 30 April 2017 05:19:12 +0000
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Boa essa, Coronel. Tem mais é que dar um sporro nesse cara mesmo. Ontem ele defendeu o aborto, ou seja, a morte de criancinhas inocentes. Hoje, ele defende os cassinos, ou seja, o rombo(roubo) aos brasileiros. O que ele defenderá amanhã?

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Sa, 29 April 2017 23:05:05 +0000
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There's a horrible user on YouTube who promotes homophobia, violence and discrimination against anyone different from him. He even targets individual people. Me and many others have been flagging his videos for some time now, but the best result we've had is one video removed, yet he continues making them, how do we stop this?

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Sa, 29 April 2017 21:42:07 +0000
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Thanks Jane. I think our lives nowadays are so much more hectic than they ever used to be. We all want to fit so much more in and don’t want to waste any time. I think now, for me, it’s about realising that I’m not wasting time if I’m sitting and relaxing! xx