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I’m not a vacation planning addict, I like thinking of the destination, and then outsourcing the details (to my husband’s dismay). HOWEVER, I do like cool tools, so it’s possible I could become a vacation planner. There may be hope for me yet. Thanks Carolina!

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This posting knocked my socks off

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Short, sweet, to the point, FREE-exactly as information should be!

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I’m sure you are a real credit to your Grandma – she was obviously a very special woman Lizzie. Looks like you learned a great deal from this wise and gracious woman. A beautifully written tribute to her. Hope you feel a little more healed now and glad you connected with her energy and memory on her birthday. Kindest thoughts to you – always. Namaste! xx

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Sociotard, you're talking about private and public sector differences. The private sector tries to maximize profit by minimizing effort. The public sector doesn't care and instead spends the extra money to try and make it work right. That, and the military was probably worried if something DID happen, it would blow up in their faces. The financial sector is of the "what, me worry?" mindset and would gladly see the world burn... after they made their profit and retired.Rob H.

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It was JUST like that!! A dream-come-true. Surreal but very awesome. Thanks for stopping by, too. I always stalk you on your blog, but I’m a bit of a lurker there. Sorry. *shame*I’m VERY excited. Can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have a book released on both sides of the Atlantic, AND in Australia/NZ, all in the same month. I am very, very lucky.

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Absolutely terrible gift-buyer, as always end up buying everything for myself – whoops! Guys are crazy hard to buy for!!! If they are really into a sport I usually snoop and find out what they need, otherwise sometimes gifts just pop up! Going halves with my sister on a kindle for my brother, seeing as he’s stolen mine and yet to give it back!

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f0Amber, I just read your blog…what a splendid experience!!!!! Forget “Eat, Pray, Love!” I say “Almost Vegan Blog!” Were you able to get any of your travels on video?????

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God you’re such a pussy. I stopped watching the videos for about 2 months and then decided to catch up on the a few from the last week. You sound like such a faggot…seriously. No man actually talks or acts the way that you do. You won’t go play in traffic.

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Thanks for taking the time to post. It's lifted the level of debate