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You did awesome getting yourself out. And you look put together doing it! I love the purple sweater, I wish I had one so I could be liturgically correct.

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They can’t make the statue yet, they would have to get the character license from Sega first to use Fang/Nack’s likeness, and they are also assessing the popularity or potential buyers of such a character. Both things i would assume Jazzwares hasn’t done.

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From the Star Ledger:The unemployment rate in the state’s largest city hit 13.3 percent in February, a high not achieved in Newark since 2003.By comparison, the rate in Newark was 9.1 percent for the same period a year ago, according to federal data released today.

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s’mores is probably the coolest & funnest (and most nostalgic) camping food. I mean you almost have to make this when ever you go camping or whenever there is a camp fire.For breakfast I like to make anything on the griddle (flat surface)… for some reason to me this is the funnest way to cook breakfast… and you can do it over a fire. Just plain ole eggs, bacon (or canadian bacon), and potatoes.For lunch or dinner I love steaks or hamburgers… but also hot dogs over the fire and great. +3Was this answer helpful?

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Keep it coming, writers, this is good stuff.