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24/11/2010thiagomartelliSinceramente, sua postagem denigri a imagem da classe.Não se esqueça que seu site não é visitado apenas por dentistas.Como já foi sugerido, troque o nós, por eu.  

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offsideintahitiEbren, you're sick. I bet when you come visit in Tahiti you'll stay up all night to watch the games and highlights on satellite, then sleep all day and miss the wonders of the lagoon and all the rest of it. (*whisper*) pssssst, if it's world cup time or the euro, I'll stay up all night with you, shhhhhh)

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One million, a discount compared to a 3 million and counting, that it has cost so distant for my enzyme deputy therapy over a final eleven years.Maybe if some of we had to live with a singular genetic illness that caused good pain and a brief life you’d be some-more discount and be happy that someone was perplexing to find a heal rather than customarily a treatment.

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Foi muito legal participar do RE:VisãoHistórica. É o VIRTUAL se tornando REAL. Ficou uma atração totalmente diferente este episódio "apêndice", e o PODCAST oficial em si fica muito mais direto! A galera histórica tá de parabéns. VAMO LÁ MILÍCIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tia Márcia, beiju!

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So, 4 Februar 2018 12:29:08 +0000
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So it’s more like those weird-ass tracks Tool puts on their records in between songs? or is this unto itself? Not having heard what you’re talking about, I’m just wondering.

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So, 4 Februar 2018 07:50:53 +0000
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Lemon, I don’t know the place, but even if there was diversity, what does that have to do with the singing of National Anthem? Aren’t we all in Canada (Belleisle included)? No, what it is, is a double standard: it takes ONE complaint from the left, and it takes about 1 MILLION from the right to change things.

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13eRecentemente fiz uma compra no asos.com, mas pelo site da inglaterra e recebi meu pedido pelo correio, dentro do prazo estipulado, sem cobrança de frete e não tive que pagar o imposto! As opções são diferentes, mas ainda assim o site é ótimo!

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Thanks Rocket. Agree, this is a good stretch for them to get back to work on some basic fundamental stuff that tends to fall off a bit when in the grind game preparation.

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Sa, 3 Februar 2018 16:23:49 +0000
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The people have spoken ! The citizen is sovereign not federal government! Not corporations, not the fucking DEA ! What is this ? A democracy or Dictatorship ?! Throwing kids into jail while the REAL criminals run free on the streets?! No fucking way!WAKE UP PEOPLE!

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Sa, 3 Februar 2018 16:01:46 +0000
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Acabei de conhecer o blog e adorei… já estou seguindo.Adoro unhas com carimbo e tenho um blog sobre o assunto…. vá me visitar e se gostar me siga também.Beijo