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Ciao Rossana! Simpaticissima MoodBoard! :) Per AdR sono letteralmente senza parole.. sempre più in basso.Per la diete invece ti consiglio al posto delle gallette di riso, quelle di mais: sono più o meno la stessa cosa, ma quest'ultime mi sembrano più croccanti e saporite (ma stiamo pur sempre parlando di una galletta, ahimè! xD)

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Home run! Great slugging with that answer!

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Unbelievable how well-written and informative this was.

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Stands back from the keyboard in amazement! Thanks!

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Oaw, ai ajus, un sejur placut iti doresc! Excelente imagini, m-ai teleportat acoloE urata chestia cu bisericutele. Sunt curioasa ce spun daca le zici ca vrei sa te rogi! Fara poze, fara nimic

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No one is afraid of Islam. Plenty of people despise Islam, revile it, loath it, even hate it. But I know of no one who fears it.It is interesting that Islamists have chosen the vernacular and tactics of the left-wing homo-advocates in labeling their opponents. If they are hoping for the same chilling effect on speech that the lefties have achieved, they may be disappointed.

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Von: Elke LangDatum:08.12.2009 20:03 Uhr________________________________________-Übertragen aus dem alten Gästebuch- Besonders positiv ist zu erwähnen, dass es keine Wartezeit gibt. Man findet das Studo immer in einem tadellos sauberen Zustand vor. Die Qualität ist auch sehr überzeugend, leider habe ich da auch andere Erfahrungen gemacht.Editiert von Administrator 12.08.2009 20:09 Uhr

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Now I'm like, well duh! Truly thankful for your help.

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Domanda: rispetto al rapporto di scambio personale raccontato da questa bella signora tra favori di bellezza offerte da bellezze x il tramite di gestori di bellezze e affari, e il rapporto di scambio parlamentare tra gli attuali nostri stimatissimi parlamentari tra la legge sul 33% di posti nei CdA attribuiti e imposti dalla forza pubblica alle donne e il consenso femdominista agli assurdi privilegi della casta, c’è qualcosa di diverso?

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They say Latino women are passionate and hot-blooded but all they do is shout and cry, if my sister in law is any good example. Swedes cry too, but it's usually reserved for after they've stuck the knife in your front. These days the knife is verbal but the intent is the same and the reason - don't look like you're going to betray her for another woman, even if you don't think you are, because she'll kill you. And when she's done organising the ceremonies she'll leap on the funeral pyre with you.