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Wait, I cannot fathom it being so straightforward.

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LOL no honestly you have me all wrong. Like today for instance. Zero make-up + fluffy hair. I looked like a bag lady I'm one of these woman that loves the before and after. I like to go from one extreme to the other. Tramp to glamour puss!! These are my first pair of purple shoes too but they definitely won't be my last, such a sumptious colour xxx

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A provocative insight! Just what we need!

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la réponse à tous ces babillages est cité dans l ‘(excellent) article du Guardian, nette et sans bavure :« To be an American (unlike being English or French or whatever) is precisely to imagine a destiny rather than to inherit one, » the critic Leslie Fielder wrote »

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It happens. The marathon is so unpredictable. You can have the best preparation and in the end have it all fall apart on the day. Sorry that it wasn’t what you were hoping for.

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Hello,Intéressant ton article.J’ai découvert récemment le concept lean startup qui fait la différence entre une bonne idée de création d’entreprise brute mais qui ne réussira pas, et une idée que tu polis comme une pierre précieuse. Ça reprend d’ailleurs ton premier point « Parler de votre idée autour de vous » a+Mathieu

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FELIZ CUMPLE!!!!! Muchas felicidades por estos dos años de un blog que desde el primer día que visité no pude dejar de leer y de maravillarme con todas las cosas hermosas que nos muestras.Felicidades también por tu santo,Santa Cecilia es la patrona de la ciudad en que vivo al lado del mar (Mar del Plata,República Argentina)así que hoy es feriado y no hay actividades administrativas ni escolares.Otra vez muchas felicidades por todos tus logros en estos dos años y un beso enorme.....María del Carmen

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Since I have NO published books, I'll try not to complain too much. The books are good for what they are, and each of them have several very entertaining passages. Given the choice, I'm probably more the 'Unintended Consequences' type than the 'Patriots' type...but I think Rawles creates the more product.

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Whoa, things just got a whole lot easier.