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Somebody tell me is bobs article propaganda? Or not really cause I’m not sure if I nelieve it like I just don’t buy that’s isreal has problems with foreigners raping their women seeing as how every person is required to do military service at eighteen and after they keep the m16 courtesy of american tax payers

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Robert, they vary. It’s up to your authors. Many from the letters coming up are handwritten, or hand-notated, it’s about half and half. Though most on the first letters were typed. The fourth letter was a comic.

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I'll try to put this to good use immediately.

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Most help articles on the web are inaccurate or incoherent. Not this!

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lol, yeah- I would do the same thing! Unfortunately its always in the middle of the night. Its like setting your alarm clock to SCREAM every night at 3am just for torturous fun. It’s making us crazy, crazy people.

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This is just the perfect answer for all forum members

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What a pleasure to meet someone who thinks so clearly

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Saudi Arabia, offering to make up the difference in some of the aid that would be cut off from Washington and Israel. Israel gives aid to the Palestinians? Is that true? My impression is that they threatened to withhold that part of the Palestinian taxes which goes back into the territories? But that’s not something one can call aid.

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I came, I read this article, I conquered.

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At last, someone who knows where to find the beef