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Whiskey_199,The 5 authors of the manifesto is not anonymous, they are:* John Shalikashvili, former American defense chief under Clinton and NATO commander in Europe.* Klaus Naumann, former German defense chief and chairman of NATOs military committe* Lord Peter Inge, field marschal and former British defense chief..* Henk van den Breemen, former Dutch defense chief.* Jacques Lanxade, French admiral and former navy chief.

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BAM!The congruence between the diversity lobby and cheap labor lobby is indeed frightening.The other day the FT noted that even with China's extraordinary growth rates, per-capita income for the latest figures is less than $3,000, compared to Japan being over 30,000. China passed Japan, but the average Chinese person has put up with massive pollution, crowding, labor abuses, and not gotten that much richer, most of the wealth accumulating in the pockets of connected "Red Princes."India is more of the same, just "moreso."

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