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Sa, 6 Mai 2017 10:02:00 +0000
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I am totally wowed and prepared to take the next step now.

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Sa, 6 Mai 2017 08:54:15 +0000
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It's great to find an expert who can explain things so well

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Sa, 6 Mai 2017 08:19:39 +0000
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Jes, mahtava idea tuo METALLI-tuoksu!! Eikös niitä ole sellaisia firmoja, jotka kehittelevät tuoksuja tilauksesta? Tuo voisi olla jonkinlainen unisex-tuoksu, ehkä.Tuo tärkeä seikka, että asiakkaisiin otetaan yhteys lähetyksen jälkeen jäi mainitsematta varsinaisessa tekstissä. Näen, ettei koko kampanjalla ole muuten mitään virkaa. Vaikkei niitä tilauksia heti tulisikaan, jäädään mieleen ja vahvistetaan sitä ottamalla yhteys.

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Sa, 6 Mai 2017 07:23:45 +0000
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VERY striking. I didn't realize it was her hair but that's such a cool detail! I guess it's because I always picture older ladies with that short, curly crop. Didn't even occur to me that it might have been long enough… glad I know. Mental image just got exponentially cooler.

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Sa, 6 Mai 2017 05:16:33 +0000
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I make these potatoes all the time. They're the most delicious, easiest side dish ever! I either use rosemary or just plain salt, but thyme is a good idea too.

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Sa, 6 Mai 2017 04:31:54 +0000
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I was thinking the exact same thing. You don’t go through the effort to can something only to eat it (out of the can) for the next five days straight. You save it for later – which is the point of canning to begin with. If she wanted overcooked green beans right now – all she had to do is boil the shit out of them.

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Fr, 5 Mai 2017 22:59:03 +0000
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Nothing I could say would give you undue credit for this story.

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Fr, 5 Mai 2017 22:19:16 +0000
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que je trouve sa vie un petit peu compliquée et que je n’ai plus le goût, l’énergie, l’envie de gérer des situations comme ça ! Donc, même si elle était cute, gentille……Je ne m’imagine pas entrer en relation avec elle ! D’où le « fameux » déclic !! lolll

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Fr, 5 Mai 2017 21:34:17 +0000
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Belle planche. Oui, on nous pousse à l’abstention !Ça va chauffer dimanche. Dans l’urne. C’est plus confortable que l. Sarkozy fait preuve d’irresponsabilité. Copé aussi d’ailleurs. C’est honteux !Depuis quand un président est chef de parti ? N’est-il pas au dessus normalement ?Nos ne sommes plus en République !

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Fr, 5 Mai 2017 20:59:48 +0000
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